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Professional website design process

1. Kickoff & creative brief

We dive in deep to learn about your Fashion organization, brand, mission, and more. You and our Fashion web design agency work together to choose what website design services are needed — to build a project overview document and creative blueprint that will guide the website design and web development.


2. Website mock-ups & design

Our world class website designers bring concepts to life in our mockup process. Interactive feedback tool and revision rounds add value and help us manage the design process as a team dedicated to your Fashion website development project.


3. Website development

Our expert Fashion web designers and web development team builds your approved designs into an industry-leading drag-and-drop system for easy updating and ongoing maintenance. All sites are always fully responsive for all screen sizes and devices.


4. Revisions & launch

Our revision rounds are an opportunity for our website designers to work with Fashion clients to key in any changes to the website development link prior to launch. As a Fashion website design company, we work until it’s perfect.


5. Hosting, security, & support

We provide ongoing hosting on the world’s leading WordPress managed infrastructure. Our CDN, Backups, SSL, and security scanning ensure your Fashion website is always updated, fast, and available for your visitors.

Fashion website design

Are you interested in a fashion website or wondering how a fashion web design should look?

Whether you need to sell clothes online or you want to talk about fashion, the best web design will help you reach your audience. If you follow the right website design practices, it will be easier for you to create a profitable business online. That is where our fashion web development team comes in. We have a team of website developers offering a wide range of web design services.

Fashion website development with WordPress

Today, there are thousands of fashion enthusiasts on social media. And while social media is a good place to grow a brand, you may not necessarily be able to monetize your brand. However, with a website, you can create content and then monetize it. Better still, you do not lose the content you build over the years like you would if your social media accounts were deleted.

At Haven Web Works, we prefer and recommend WordPress for fashion website design. The platform is intuitive for the web developer and web designer, and it is easy to use. You may not have all day to manage your website, and having a simple platform allows you to concentrate on running the business.

A website designer from our fashion web design agency will create the pages in a way that is user-friendly for your visitors and simple for you to manage. Our web development team understands the needs of different industries.

Choosing a theme for your fashion website development

The best fashion website should be easy for your visitors to navigate, fit your branding needs, and be customer-centered. If you need an e-commerce website for fashion products, you need a website design that allows customers to search for and buy products from the store.

WordPress offers several templates that allow you to customize the e-commerce store. Our website developer is able to customize your store from these templates. If you need a simple fashion blog, our website design services ensure you get the best themes that communicate your values.

Web development and design templates and themes can be free or premium. Most of the free design templates and themes for a website developer will suffice for most websites. However, a premium theme might offer more customization options and more features. The best quality themes and templates allow our fashion web designers to create a website that matches or surpasses your expectations.

We also help you choose plugins for your fashion website. Plugins are additional tools that help you do more with your website. Again, for plugins, our website design company experts will help you choose between the free and the paid options. There are plugins for SEO, for e-commerce sites, and for much more.

Select tools for your website

Your fashion website needs several tools. Our fashion web development team and our web designers know the tools you need to be successful in the business. For starters, you need communication channels, and our website designers can include live chats, email management tools, and contact forms as necessary. Our website design company adds these tools as you request.

There are so many tools for a fashion website, including SEO tools, analytics tools, and many more tools. These tools added by our fashion web designers will help you manage the website better, generate leads, and engage more with the customers.

What makes a good fashion website?

You can talk to our website designer to help you choose the web design template, the theme, the color schemes, and the layout. Some of the aspects that make a good fashion website design include:

  • Simple menus and layout – You need your visitors to find their way around your website with ease. If your menus are over-complicated, your visitors will leave for the competitor’s site. You need to narrow the focus to get only a few key points and get rid of any unnecessary menus.
  • Engaging design – While appearance should be the last thing you worry about in all web design services, we believe that appearance matters a lot. It only takes a second for visitors to form a positive or negative opinion about your website. The website designer ensures that the first impression from the customers is always positive.
  • Several communication channels – Communication is key in every business. You need to engage with your prospects and your customers. As such, our fashion web designer will include as many communication channels and tools as you need.

How our website design company can help you

There are many designs to choose from for your website. Whichever design our designers help you choose, we always ensure your site is easy to navigate and use.

Our process is simple:

We listen to you and understand your vision for your fashion business. The web developer will note everything about your business, including the values, the goals, the brand colors, the content you want to create, the products (if any) that you need to sell, and so much more.

We buy a domain and set up the hosting. Your domain name determines how easy it is for your customers to find you. Through our website design services, we help you choose a simple, memorable, and available domain name.

Our web design company experts then download WordPress, adding the necessary templates and themes. With the right templates, the website designers are able to create the layout that meets your needs.

The next step in our website design services is adding elements that your website needs. These will include content boxes, widgets, buttons, logos, and many more that you and the website designers see fit.

Your team at our web design agency will then tweak the website appearance and layout to meet your wants and needs. At this point, we can also add any accessory tools that make it easier for you to manage the website. You can review our web design services at every stage to ensure our fashion web designer includes everything you had in mind. If you have any changes you would like effected, our web design company handles that immediately. Your final product from our web design agency will surpass your expectations.

Call us today to start talking with our designers about your new fashion site.